Bid farewell to that mountain of damp, smelly towels after bath time! Our [fur]squeegee, a hyper-absorbent chamois towel, whisks water away from your pet’s coat faster than you can say, "shake it off." Robust and easy to squeeze out, it’s pet-friendly and washing machine-friendly. 


  • Quick Dry Magic: Super absorbent chamois ensures your pet is dry in minutes, not eons. 
  • Sniff No More: Put an end to that wet dog aroma with faster, more efficient drying. 
  • Durable & Easy: Built to last, easy to wring, and a breeze to clean. 
  • Eco & Machine Friendly: Machine wash, air dry, repeat. 


1 x [fur]squeegee 12.5” x 16” 

How-To Guide: 

  1. After bathing, glide the [fur]squeegee smoothly over your pet's wet coat. 
  2. Wring out excess water as needed. 
  3. For a refresh, pop it into the washing machine on a gentle cycle. 
  4. Air dry, feeling the satisfaction of an eco-friendly choice. 
  5. Stash it safely in the reusable bag provided, ready for next time. 

Pro Tip: The [fur]squeegee not only dries but also helps smooth out your pet's coat, making them look sleek and feel soft.