Size: 7


A revolutionary powdered shampoo made from just three all-natural ingredients promises hydration, nourishment, and a shine that'll have your dog turning heads at the park. 

Our low-lather, water-soluble pod reduces the amount of water required and shortens bath time. Drop a [fur]bomb in our bottle, give it a swirl, and embark on a grooming journey that's both easy and eco-friendly. 

Our carefully crafted all-natural ingredients make [fur]bomb ideal for addressing sensitive, scabby, and flaky skin. It's perfect for routine cleans, de-shedding, and de-matting treatments. With regular use, [fur]bombs combat matting, dirt and oil, promoting a healthier coat. Plus, each [fur]bomb has enough power to clean and condition a dog weighing up to 100lbs. 


  • Specified Quantity of [fur]bombs
  • 1 x Dilution Bottle & Shaker Ball (included with first-time orders)

How-To Guide:

  1. Pour 20 ounces of warm water into the bottle, add a [fur]bomb. and wait for 30 seconds – which is just enough time to wet your dog's coat. 
  2.  Secure the nozzle, shake gently to mix.  
  3. Apply onto that beautiful coat, avoid direct contact with eyes. 
  4. Massage gently - remember no sulfates means less foam, more care.
  5. Thoroughly rinse.
  6. Complete the ritual with our [fur]squeegee and [fur]füzer.

Pro Tip: For those stubborn matted areas, a little extra soak time with the [fur]bomb solution works wonders. 

Sourcing: Crafted with love in the USA. 

Size: 7

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