[fur]fection Pack

Style: Le Dog Parfum

[fur]losophy [fur]fection Pack

Why shop piece by piece when you can snag the entire [fur]losophy cleaning system in one easy click? Bundled together to save you money and effort!  

In this grooming bag you’ll find all our stars: the transformative [fur]bombs, dilution bottle (with shaker ball), the super-efficient [fur]squeegee towel, and our popular [fur]poof dog spray.  

It's your all-in-one ticket to a squeaky-clean, delighted pup. Ideal for keeping at home, gifting to your favorite pet parent, or stashing in the car for those spontaneous adventures. 



  • Whole Shebang: Dive deep into the world of [fur]losophy with our must-have ensemble. 
  • Value Alert: Top-notch products at a cost that’ll make your wallet wag its tail. 
  • On-The-Go Grooming: With everything housed in our reusable grooming bag, you're always ready for some quick grooming action. 


  • 1 x [fur]losophy sturdy, reusable grooming bag 
  • 7 x [fur]bombs (because cleanliness should come in multiples) 
  • 1 x Dilution bottle, complete with shaker ball for that perfect mix 
  • 1 x [fur]squeegee towel, your shortcut to a dry, happy dog 
  • 1 x [fur]poof dog spray – Le Dog Parfum or Le Fleur – your choice 

Pro Tip: This pack isn’t just for seasoned pet parents. If you know someone just getting started on their pet journey, this makes for the perfect starter kit.

Style: Le Dog Parfum