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[fur]losophy’s Impact Promise

At [fur]losophy, we're not just about creating exceptional pet grooming products – we're also committed to helping animals nationwide. With our buy-one-donate-one business model for [fur]bombs, for every one we sell, we donate one to a partner organization.  We believe business should positively impact the communities in which it is present!
As an Atlanta based company, [fur]losophy started making an impact in our backyard - volunteering grooming services at the Atlanta Humane Society (without adopting all the pets ourselves!).  The [fur]losophy team is full of passionate animal lovers and we’re thrilled to work with the Atlanta chapter of the American Humane Society to receive our [fur]bombs free of charge.
Through this collaboration and the launch of our [fur]bomb dog shampoo product in 2023 we're taking our mission of care and compassion to the next level. We’re excited to help pets look and feel their best while they wait for their forever homes.
We are so grateful and fortunate to be able to help pets, and we’re hoping you’ll join us in our mission to clean deserving animals everywhere by nominating an organization in your community.  Let’s make tails wag nationwide!
Nominate an organization today by e-mailing: 
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