[fur]poof Le Fleur


Floral Freshness 

Gone are the days of the unmistakable 'dog' aroma wafting through your home. Introducing [fur]poof Le Fleur – the understated solution to persistent pet scents. With only three select ingredients, this fragrance offers kindness to your dog's skin and a scent that lingers in the best way. A spritz or two is ample for several days of freshness. 

A unisex scent, [fur]poof Le Fleur should be part of any dog's grooming ritual helping them exude an aroma as delightful as their personality. 


  • Less is More: Three ingredients carefully picked for maximum gentleness and a refreshing aroma. 
  • Combat the Canine Scent: Tackles and transforms the typical dog odors. 
  • Adaptable Fragrance: Equally befitting all pooches, no matter their style or habitat. 
  • Stay Fresh: Minimal application, maximum longevity. 

Scent Profile: Notes of gardenia with soft whispers of jasmine, evoking a vibrant spring day. 

Contents: 3.4 fl oz / 100mL.

How to Guide:

  • Ensure your pet's coat is dry.
  • Hold at a reasonable distance, and lightly mist.